I'm very honored to be in Rocco's book with pitchers like Bob Gibson, Satchel Paige, Luis Tiant and many others. Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier is a great book that honors so many of the game's greatest.

-- Dwight Gooden, New York Mets

Rocco does a great job of capturing the history of black players in MLB while being hopeful about the future. I've been inspired by so many throughout my career, from Jackie Robinson to players like Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey, Jr. It's hugely important to honor them for the sacrifices they made paving the road and for the efforts that went in to progressing the game both on and off the field. It's something that myself and future generations will forever be indebted for, so thank you very much to those players from the bottom of my heart and thank you to Rocco as well for continuing to spread that message.
-- Greg Allen, New York Yankees

Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier honors the great history of Black players in MLB history and also looks towards the future with hope. Rocco creates a detailed history that is very colorful and well researched.

-- Royce Lewis, 2017 Top Overall Pick, MLB Draft, Minnesota Twins

Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier is a book that honors great Black players through Major League history, including myself. It's important to honor great players such as Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Henry Aaron and so many more.

-- Willie Wilson, Kansas City Royals

No one digs deeper on a baseball subject than Rocco Constantino. In Beyond Baseball’s Color Barrier he takes you on a round-the-horn journey of the Black ballplayer from little-known Will White, who played one game in the majors, a true Moonlight Graham experience, through the Jackie Robinson Era, into the heyday of Black superstars like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Bob Gibson to where the Black ballplayer stands today … and tomorrow in America’s Game. – Kevin Kernan, New York State Baseball Hall of Fame writer Kevin Kernan, New York Post

Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier is an important book because it honors the careers of so many Black players throughout Major League Baseball history. African American ballplayers at the Major League level have played significant role models in the lives of Black youths who have aspired to reach those heights. There are so many Black ballplayers who rank among the greatest players to ever play the game. Recognition of lifelong accomplishments encourages one to dream big.

--Andre Dawson, MLB Hall of Famer

Not since [Robert] Peterson's Only The Ball Was White have I read a more complete, thought-provoking history of the Black experience as it pertains to both the Negro and Major Leagues. Even better, in Beyond the Color Line, Constantino takes a deeper dive, bringing us full circle from the pre-Jackie Robinson era to today when African-American participation in the game is at a multi-decades low. Constantino brings to life the legends and voices of Black baseball--their struggles, their courage, and their oft-untold exploits. A must-read for anyone who wants a more thorough picture of our National Pastime--and our country's complicated history. An appropriate story for our current, turbulent times.

--Erik Sherman, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Two Sides of Glory: The 1986 Boston Red Sox In Their Own Words

I want to mention to the Afro-American players throughout the Major Leagues that [Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier] is outstanding. Jackie Robinson was the first, Larry Doby the second and if it wasn't for those two individuals, myself as a player, getting an opportunity as a Major League ballplayer it would have taken a monumental task on my part. But I am really happy I had the opportunity to do that for well over 20 years.

--Fergie Jenkins, MLB Hall of Famer

Rocco does a great job of capturing the important history of Black ballplayers in MLB in Beyond Baseball's Color Barrier. He honors everyone from Aaron and Mays to Betts and Griffey while also looking to the future. It's a great book.

--Shannon Stewart, Former MLB outfielder